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Meeting our Northern Michigan client’s needs also extends to their entire family. All of our Northern Michigan customer’s situation vary, and depending on family size, children, pets, our team can create a beautiful kitchen remodel designed to meet your needs. At North Bay Kitchen & Bath, we do our very best to incorporate all of your kitchen remodel needs into the perfect kitchen design for your family.  If you need your kitchen to have open sight-lines we can provide you with an open concept design. If what you want most is to fit a long dining room table into your kitchen space for family entertaining, we can create the kitchen design that is fitting to your needs.  At North Bay Kitchen & Bath our key is to consider your needs and wants, and then create your dream kitchen remodel.  If you are looking for kitchen design inspiration on your new home, please contact North Bay Kitchen and Bath today to schedule your complimentary kitchen remodeling consultation. We will go over some of your kitchen design ideas and help assess the remodeling budget, space, and any other factors.  



There are countless bathroom remodeling ideas.  So which one fits you?  Is it a stand-alone shower or tub you are looking for? Or perhaps a tub shower combination? Single sink or double vanity? What type of tile and tile design will you choose?  These are just some of the questions and considerations that go into bringing your new bathroom design to life. The best bathroom design ideas require close attention to detail and quality workmanship.  All of these factors set North Bay Kitchen & Bath apart from others in the remodeling and renovation industry.  Our professional designs help Northern Michigan homeowners’ dreams of the perfect bathroom, fit right into their budget.



Closets come in all sizes and configurations, and can range in design from simple to complex. We work with you to determine whether to maximize the space, or design it according to other considerations. Angled walls, sloping ceilings, outlets, and obstructions peculiar to walk-in closets can affect how the overall design is determined. We consider your long, medium and short hang needs, as well as shoe needs, shelving for folded items, dresser drawers and other needs.

Some closets are large enough for a custom island; others have high ceilings that require taller units to maximize the space. We have closet design solutions for floor vents, attic access situations, and much more--we have experienced and done it all!  

The possibilities that are involved with custom closet organizers are seemingly endless: tilt-out hampers, mirror doors, jewelry drawers and accessory items. And it doesn't stop there! There are many material options, cabinet upgrades, and hardware choices too! Regardless of the room configuration or complexity, rest assured that we will work with you every step of the way to build an attractive and efficient closet.

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